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Howard Denson

Howard Denson is a Harvard MBA who chose not to go to Wall Street.

Rather, he has devoted 40,000 unpaid hours over the last 35 years seeking to identify exactly what it is that constrains the empowerment of African Americans.

The curriculum is based on 32 years of the evidence-based research, teachings, and writings of Howard Denson, creator of Cutting Edge Continuing Education and publisher of The Transformational Agenda Magazine.

He has authored and contributed to numerous articles surrounding this topic and others:

Listen to the Ancestors

The Transformational Agenda

The Why and What of the African American Academic Achievement Gap

Howard Denson is also publisher of The Transformational Agenda Magazine (100,000 Print Edition + Internet Edition + iPhone and Android Apps). The magazine, and its flip-side publication, The Black Pages Business Directory, can be experienced at

Mr. Denson is also the founder of Cutting Edge Continuing Education, LLC. and Understanding Cultural Intergenerational Trauma, LLC which provides Continuing Education Credits for mental health professionals as well as diversity and cultural competence training.